Monday, August 14, 2006

Winter Safety Covers/Wear Guards

We’ve been getting some questions lately from you our customers about safety covers. Yesterday we had a gentleman ask if he could use a standard, in stock cover size on a non-standard size pool. Of course you could do this but please consider these issues prior to making the decision to use a standard safety cover size on a non-standard pool size.
All safety covers are made with wear guards sewn into the underside of each connecting strap. This wear guard is positioned to protect the strap where it comes in contact with deck. This is an area that without the wear guard would fail in two to three years.
Here is a common scenario. Let’s say I have a 12’ x 25’ in ground pool and want to purchase a safety cover. I know safety covers are expensive. I see that the next standard size safety cover is a 12’ x 27’. I know standard sizes will be less expensive than a custom size safety cover and I want to save a little money. I purchase and install the standard 12’ x 27’ safety cover and everything seems to be in order. Rolling the hands of time forward its 3 years later and I close the pool and install the now, two year old safety cover. While installing I notice pattern has developed the mesh fabric in the long ends of the cover. I don’t pay this too much attention. Then here comes a heavy fall rain storm with lots of wind. I awake the following morning and see my failed safety cover lying in my pool. I know it has a 12 year warranty so I gather up the cover and send it back to the manufacturer and wait and see what they will do for me. A few weeks go by and it’s beginning to get cold so I call the manufacturer. After several minutes on hold I explain my situation, thinking I’ll get some sort of satisfaction. First thing they tell me is that the warranty is void. I ask why? They say that the wear pattern that caused this cover to fail was due to improper installation which voids the warranty. Did you read the warranty they ask? How do you know it was installed improperly I say? They explain they were born at night but not last night. Like Colombo they proceed to tell me my pool is 12’ x 25’ and the cover is a 12’ x 27’ and my pool is 2 feet to short for this cover and they know this all by the nature of the wear pattern in the fabric where the cover failed. However, they concede the sides were just fine and for $400.00 they would be happy to fix it so this could happen in another 2 years. I sigh defeated and hang up the phone.
So here’s the point; if you are just looking for a short term solution and are not worried about safety cover longevity or whether the warranty is voided we are happy sell you a standard safety cover for a non standard pool. But if you do care about longevity and your warranty not being voided it’s worth the extra time and additional expense to complete the measuring form so your cover fits, the wear guards are in the right position with respect to your deck and you and your safety cover enjoy years of peace of mind together.
As always be safe and think twice


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